The Part Worn tyre industry is fueled from many different areas such as scrapyards, vehicle dismantlers and imported tyres from other countries such as Germany.

Alarmingly some tyres enter this market via tyre retailers. There is a simple way to break this supply chain and we are urging other responsible tyre dealers to commit to our pledge "Drill it, Kill it!"

By drilling the sidewall in several places it means that the old tyre is effectively useless and fit only for scrap, as it should be.

The garages below have all signed the petition calling for a ban on part worn tyres and also agree to drill the sidewall of EVERY tyre removed, regardless of tread depth remaining, the brand of the tyre or it's age. When looking for new tyres check the list below and see if there is a responsible tyre dealer in your area.

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An online petition has been set up to ban the sale of part worn tyres across the UK. Please help save lives.

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